body treatments

Our body wraps, exfoliation treatments, and wax treatments are designed to rejuvenate the body all over. Whether anti-aging, inch-loss or intimate waxing, look here for our body pampering treatments.

BODY LINE THERMAL products from Babor are used in our body wrap and exfoliating treatments, containing three natural anti-aging ‘miracle workers’:
Firming ‘elsberries’ – these anti-aging ‘elsberries’ (as BABOR brands the fruits of the wild service tree, which it cultivates in the Eifel region near Aachen)are veritable power fruits, thanks to their high vitamin C content.
De-toxifying Zeolite – this micronized lava stone acts like a magnet, binding any substances that are harmful to the skin on a biological basis.
Mineralising Thermal Spring Water from Aachen – Aachen’s famous curative thermal springs are rich in trace elements. They mineralize, relax and calm the skin extremely gently and are intensively hydrating.

  body wraps

Wrap sensation 1 hour £50.00
This highly effective body wrap, draws out nasty toxins whilst at the same time having a firming action, making it ideal for contouring the body. After an invigorating salt exfoliation, warm compression bandages are pre-soaked in algae and drawn tightly over the body to aid micro circulation and lymph flow, eliminating excess waste. The result is inch loss with better skin tone and firmness.
Anti-cellulite treatment 1 hour £45.00
Do you suffer from the orange peel effect? Then this is the treatment for you. Harnessing the benefits of combining a powerful firming algae mask with a self heating mask on your areas of concern to activate the circulation, break down and drain away the toxins in the area to leave the skin smooth and super soft. A course of treatment is advised for the best effect.
Vitamin A-C-E body wrap 45 mins £40.00
A special treatment to free your entire body from dry skin and to help restore suppleness. A full body exfoliation using BABOR SPA Body Peeling Gel is followed by a Thermal Spray cleanse, a body wrap, all over body massage with BABOR Vitamin A-C-E cocktail, and final moisturise, makes this an ideal pre or post holiday treatment.


Body polish 30 mins £25.00
An invigorating body exfoliation using BABOR SPA Body Peeling Gel which removes superficial dead skin cells, refining the skin structure, and increasing its’ ability to absorb active ingredients. To finish, a full body moisturise with BABOR Vitamin A-C-E cream.
Maritime salt glow 30 mins £25.00
This full body exfoliation uses rich, fine-grain mineral salts obtained from primeval salt deposits in Canada, which are particularly rich in valuable minerals and trace elements, promoting the skin’s enzymatic activities. The salts gently remove dead, superficial skin cells, leaving the skin feeling as smooth as velvet and able to absorb any subsequent skincare products more intensely.

  Riva... wax treatments

half leg & knee £16.50
full leg £24.00
full leg & bikini £32.00
underarm £9.50
forearm £14.00
full arm £18.00
back or chest (from) £20.00
lip or chin £9.00
bikini line £15.00
brazilian £20.00
hollywood £29.00

  take home body products by BABOR

BRP 700 BABOR Eau de Parfum £39.00
BRP 320 Firming Body Lotion 200ml £18.00
BRP 405 SPA Thermal Spray 200ml £35.00
BRP 505 Body Peeling Gel 200ml £19.00
BRP 506 Lifting Bust & Body Cream 200ml £41.00
BRP 425 Lifting Bust & Body Cream mini £10.50
BRP 426 Skinovage Comfort Set £17.50
BRP 416 Refreshing Shower Gel 200ml £17.00
BRP 520 Self Tanning Foam £24.00