facial treatments by BABOR

unique bi-phase cleansing - the natural way

All our BABOR facials begin with the unique cleansing and invigorating power of oil and water – two opposing and mutually repellent substances – combined in the special BABOR cleansing method. The patented HY-ÖL® develops its effect in two distinct phases. First the pure, natural oil is smoothed over the face. All oil-soluble impurities in the skin are thus removed and pores are cleansed deep down. In the second phase, once it has been gently massaged into the skin with moistened fingers, HY-ÖL® forms a gentle emulsion that now removes all water-soluble impurities. As a special skincare bonus during cleansing, a Phytoactive with valuable herbal essences tailored to the specific skin type is also used. The skin is now uniquely fresh and clean and can ideally absorb the valuable BABOR skincare products subsequently applied.
In addition to the unique bi-phase cleansing method with HY-ÖL® and Phytoactive, BABOR has a special CLEANSING line with extremely skin-compatible cleansing products, peels and face tonics.

  BABOR classic facials

Here are our four signature facials including, an introduction to facials, a facial for blemished skin, an energizing, re-awakening facial, and an exclusive lifting facial for mature or wrinkled skin.
These facials can include the application of Babor beauty fluids, known as ampoules; pure power packs of highly concentrated, active skincare ingredients, for moisturizing, lifting, regenerating, balancing or protecting the skin.

BABOR introduction facial 20 mins £18.00
Never had a facial before? Not sure on your skin type and what products you should be using? This cleanse, moisturise, and skin analysis introduces you to Dr. Babor’s unique cleansing system, in preparation for a specific treatment or course. The fee for this treatment is fully deductable, should you book a full facial course.
PURE facial treatment 1 hour £48.00
This treatment for blemished skin, not only cleanses , but also regulates the skin's lipid content. After extractions have been performed, a few massage strokes will relax your skin. The cooling mask creates a sense of instant well-being and inhibits the formation of bacteria.
Oxygen Rose Quartz facial 1 hour £50.00
Show your skin you care with this energising and re-awaking facial. Beautifully smooth Rose Quartz crystals, which are renowned for their powerful healing qualities, are used to enhance the benefits of this facial. The intensive oxygen ampoules, stimulate and boost the micro-circulation of the skin leaving it healthier, looking energised and restored.
High Skin Refiner deep lift facial 1 hour £60.00
Luxurious lifting care to firm all types of mature skin. HIGH SKIN REFINER is enriched with the unique HSR® lifing complex. Contains the active ingredients Multitendyn, and Phytic acid, which have a 4 fold action:
1. Reduces existing signs of aging
2. Palpably improves elasticity and stimulates cell regeneration
3. Protects the skin against free radicles and environmental influences and
4. Effectively prevents the formation of new lines and wrinkles
Each facial includes deep pore cleansing, detailed skin analysis and exfoliation. We also include extractions if necessary, massage, fluid concentrate, masks and finishing moisturiser.

  SKINOVAGE PX prescriptive facials

As individual and varied as a woman herself. Four specific skincare systems are uniquely tailored to the differing skincare needs of every woman.
In addition to special active ingredients for the specific skin types, all SKINOVAGE PX products contain precious Alpine stem cells, which protect the skin against premature aging, as well as the molecular catalyst OsmoTec, which improves the skin’s ability to process active ingredients.
SKINOVAGE PX is developed in line with BABOR’s quality standards; with a skin identical pH value, proven effectiveness and compatibility, and free of parabens – for a visibly improved complexion.

VITA BALANCE - for dry skin 1 hour £48.00
A uniquely pampering skincare system for dry skin. The innovative DEEP MOIST COMPLEX combines 2 hyaluronic acids with differing molecular sizes. They build up a moisture reservoir deep in the skin and with meadowfoam seed and Mexico honey, also restore the lipid and moisture balance in the upper layers of the skin ( the epidermis).
CALMING SENSITIVE - for sensitive skin 1 hour £48.00
Envelopes even the most sensitive skin like a gentle veil of harmony. 100% sensitive, 100% effective. The new triple- action ANTI IRRITATION COMPLEX with calendula, bisabolol, panthenol and allantoin provides gentle care for sensitive skin.
PERFECT COMBINATION - for oily & combination skin 1 hour £48.00
A uniquely balancing skincare system for the varied needs of oily and combination skin. Perfect harmony with the IQ factor, thanks to the REFINING COMPLEX: with sebucom (milk peptides, glutamine, cystine, vitamin B6), Bamboo powder and witchhazel.
ADVANCED BIOGEN® - to regenerate your skin 1 hour £48.00
A uniquely regenerating skincare system for the special needs of stressed skin. Contains the highly effective BIOGEN® REPAIR COMPLEX II which is formulated with Retinol and selected Mimosa extracts to regenerate the skin and activate natural skin functions. For the first time, it also incorporates fresh plant cells from pumpkins.


The following masks may be integrated into any of our facials, enhancing the treatment.

Collagen biomatrix mask £12.50
Has an extremely calming effect, truly moisturising the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and restoring elasticity.
Algae firming mask £12.50
A mask with a cooling and calming effect, stimulating cell activity whilst visibly firming and soothing the skin.

  Riva... eye treatments

Our eyes not only enable us to see, but also to be seen! We communicate with them and engage in eye contact with other people. Here you will find our basic treatments for lashes and brows, and a sensational eyes treatment, for revitalising tired eyes.

sensational eyes treatment 30 mins £20.00
The exclusive treatment for the sensitive eye area. All products in the Sensational Eyes range are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, and are free of perfumes and colourings. This treatment may be added to any of our facials for just £10.00
eyebrow shape £9.50
eyelash tint £12.50
eyebrow tint £8.50
eyelash & brow tint £18.50
eyelash extensions £29.00
please note:
A patch test may be required 24hrs prior to any tinting treatment if you have not been treated by us before.

  take home facial products by BABOR

BRP 030 Hy-Ol 200ml £22.00
BRP 050 Phytoactive Base 100ml £17.50
BRP 060 Phytoactive Sensitive 100ml £17.50
BRP 070 Phytoactive Reactivating 100ml £17.50
BRP 075 Phytoactive Combination 100ml £17.50
BRP 040 Rose Toning Lotion 200ml £21.00
BRP 080 Mild Peeling 50ml £18.00
BRP 090 Gel and Tonic 200ml £25.00
BRP 095 Mild Cleanser Foam 200ml £23.50
BRP 020 High Skin Refiner Lifting Mask 50ml £34.95
BRP 275 High Skin Refiner Lifting Cream 50ml £85.00
BRP 276 High Skin Refiner Foam Mask 75ml £40.00
BRP 190 Advanced Biogen Mask 50ml £21.00
BRP 414 Stop Hair Loss Fluid Pack 7x2ml £26.00
BRP 036 Skinovage Calming Sensitive Set £39.50
BRP 037 Skinovage VitaBalance Set £39.50