holistic treatments

Holistic therapy is a way of treating many physical or emotional conditions. It takes into account the whole person rather than concentrating on a symptom or a particular part of the body that has a problem.
Holistic treatments aim to help you restore the balance within your body.
All holistic treatments can benefit you, but you may feel more comfortable with one rather than the another.

  holistic classics

hopi ear treatment 30 mins £29.00
A relaxing and therapeutic treatment, helping to relieve compacted or excessive wax in the ears. Pressure regulation in cases of colds, flu, headaches and migraines. Stimulation of local and reflex energy flows.
reflexology - first session includes 15 mins consultation 1 hour £45.00
treatment 45 mins £40.00
This is an holistic healing technique applying pressure to the feet. It works on the major organs of the body, which are mapped out on the feet, helping to alleviate a number of problems such as back pain, migraine, and digestive problems. The treatment can relax, energise, de-toxify and balance the body. Purchase a course of 4 sessions, and the fifth is complimentary.