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We long for moments when we can be completely ourselves – from head to toe. RIVA... and BABOR SPA celebrate these special moments that touch the inner self – individual, soothing and effective.
Classic Aromatherapy and Hot Stone massages from the Riva.. collection and BABOR Effective touch Body massages.
The BABOR effective touch Body treatments combine innovative massage techniques with ancient treatment methods. This experience is inspired by acupressure, reflexology and holistic modalities that activate the body’s own energy systems. For a new sense of self.

  BABOR SPA - An effective touch

BABOR SPA combines state-of-the-art stem cell research with exquisite fragrance compositions to create a unique spa experience. Anti-aging active ingredients from stem cells of the Elsberry and Champagne pear harness the primal power of these centuries-old rare plants. BABOR developed these highly effective active ingredients exclusively for the select BABOR SPA body care line, combining anti-aging body effects with relaxation and indulgence.

SPA SHAPING massage - full body 1 hour £50.00
SPA SHAPING massage - head and shoulders 30 mins £25.00
BABOR SPA Shaping for body creates an alluring, refined silhouette. Stem cell extracts from the rare Elsberry and a plant-based, figure refining active complex boost the skin’s elasticity and shape the body. Water from Aachen’s hot springs, steeped in nourishing minerals and trace elements from the warm chalky soil, helps support the skin’s immune system and delivers extra hydration.

Effective. Firming. Improved Contours
SPA ENERGISING massage - full body 1 hour £50.00
SPA ENERGISING massage - head and shoulders 30 mins £25.00
BABOR SPA Energizing Lime Mandarin stimulates all five senses as it revitalizes the skin. Stem cell extracts from the Champagne pear protect the skin while guarding against the effects of environmental stress. An invigorating scent with notes of fruity mandarin and bitter fresh lime for a truly energizing effect. A refreshing wake up for your inner self.

Energizing. Revitalizing. Refreshing
SPA RELAXING massage - full body 1 hour £50.00
SPA RELAXING massage - head and shoulders 30 mins £25.00
BABOR SPA Relaxing Lavender Mint soothes the skin for a calming feeling of total inner peace. Stem cell extracts from the Champagne pear protect even the most sensitive skin. Delicate Lavender-mint essences wrap the body in a sense of true comfort and well-being. A soothing moment just for you.

Relaxing. Gentle. Calming.
SPA BALANCING massage - full body 1 hour £50.00
SPA BALANCING massage - head and shoulders 30 mins £25.00
BABOR SPA Balancing Cashmere wood creates inner strength while enhancing the skin’s natural defenses. Stem cell extracts from the Champagne pear strengthen the cells of the skin while the warm, woody scent creates inner balance. For a stronger recharged you.

Protective. Strengthening. Balancing

  Riva... classic massages

Scentao of Asia Hot Stone - full Body 1 hour £50.00
Scentao of Asia Hot Stone - Back 30 mins £25.00
This is a deeply relaxing massage using heated lava stones, shiatsu techniques and anti-stress ingredients to ensure you leave feeling deeply calm and relaxed. A back massage version is available if you are looking for a shorter treatment time.
Aromatherapy Massage - full body 1 hour £50.00
Aromatherapy Massage - Back, neck & shoulders 30 mins £25.00
Our classic Swedish technique massages are with pre-blended aroma therapy oils for complete relaxation.