treatments designed for men

Our men’s treatments are tailored exactly to the specific needs of male skin, giving it new energy and sheer vitality. TAUREC®, a unique active complex, vitalises skin, thanks to the synergetic effect of three natural active ingredients:

TAURINE – a natural substance produced by the skin, restores vitality to stressed skin. It specifically strengthens the cell membrane and stabilizes moisture levels.

HOPS – the active ingredients contained in this fast-growing climbing plant have a protective and balancing effect on the skin, making it less sensitive towards environmental influences and restoring precious moisture.

SIBERIAN GINSENG – a plant with almost magical vital energy that thrives in a region with extreme climatic conditions. In addition to boosting the skin’s resistance, extracts of the plant’s robust root have a highly regenerating effect on the skin. They also accelerate wound heeling in the event of shaving-induced micro-cuts by as much as 150 percent.

  mens treatments

Babor men's treatments, with our Riva... basics.

energy release face 1 hour £50.00
Your skin deserves to be properly looked after – soap and water is simply not good enough! This intensive facial uses an effective range of natural products with the Taurec® complex containing hops and Siberian Ginseng specifically designed to deep cleanse and soothe your skin. A buffalo horn shoulder massage begins your experience before a facial and scalp massage along with a cooling collagen mask will leave your skin with a healthy glow, and you feeling relaxed and ready to face the day (or night).
energy release back 45 mins £40.00
The signature massage with the buffalo horn begins this deeply cleansing back treatment which includes an application of a mineral-rich mud and exfoliation. Enjoy the tailor made energising deep back massage with a repairing cream to ensure you feel energised and revitalised. Perfect for problematic skin.
hand energiser 30 mins £30.00
You can tell a man by his hands? This brightening and nourishing hand treatment promises to leave the hands thoroughly conditioned and relaxed with the specialist buffalo horn massage and active ingredients.
foot energiser 30 mins £30.00
Be proud of your feet – no more hard skin! The intensively softening ingredients such as Eucalyptus and Tea Tree ensure that your feet are ready to tackle the days ahead. We will advise you on the perfect daily routine to keep feet to be proud of.
hand and foot revitaliser 1 hour £55.00
enjoy both energiser treatments together
men's luxury manicure £24.00
men's luxury pedicure £29.00
men's wax treatments back, chest or shoulders from £20.00

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the holistic skincare range for men - innovative textures and revolutionary active ingredients.

vitalising hair & body shampoo 200ml £18.50
refreshing facial wash 200ml £16.50
ultra comfort shaving foam 200ml £14.50
calming after shave concentrate 50ml £19.50
energising age preventing gel-cream 50ml £49.50
dynamic face moisturiser 50ml £29.00
line reducing eye gel 15ml £19.50
relaxing anti-jetlag cream 50ml £35.00
eau de toilette 100ml £39.00
mens travel set £35.00